Welcome to Valley View Clinic

Valley View Clinic was established in 1988.. The concept which inspired its establishment was to treat patients with stress related illness in the community. It was established to supplement the public institutions which cater for treatment of psychological/psychiatric disorders and also to offer alternative and private avenues for such disorders. Its aims are de-mystifying and de-stigmatizing psychological /psychiatric disorde in the community. To this end, it treats both psychological and physical cases when they do consult. This reflects in our motto:“A Clinic with a difference.


Our Services

Clinical Psychological Consultation areas include:

1. Personal Problems
2. Individual Therapy
3. Marital Therapy/Couples
4. Family Therapy
5. Sexual Problems
6. Learning Disabilities and Academic Problems
7. Stress/Depression Management

Toxicological Screening

Cannabis (Wee)
PCP etc.

Why Choose Us

It is a private and well maintained clinic
The staff are well trained, courteous and client-friendly
Each patient is treated in a unique, empathic and special way because of the training the staff had undergone
A clinic which caters for your physical and psychological needs under the same roof

Contact Details

Telephone: +233 302-764169
Email: info@valleyviewclinic.org

Valley View Clinic
P. O. Box 116
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