The clinic is made up of two main units namely the Main Unit and Stress Unit. The main unit has two male wards accommodating seven patients and the female ward has two wards accommodating six patients. There are three more wards which are mainly for malepatients.This
accommodates fourteen male patients.

There is a spacious outpatient reception with TV and a large court - yard for group therapy. There is a small pharmacy in the court -yard where drugs are dispensed to inpatients and out -patients. There is a spacious reception room joining the injection and dressing room.

The stress unit is termed VIP wards. The wards are five with two patients allocated to each room. Two male wards and two female wards, the third ward may be use by either females only or males only or couple who like to be together while the spouse is receiving treatment. All the rooms have toilet facilities, DSTV, fridges and air- conditioners. The stress unit has a spacious kitchen, a spacious reception area, administration office and a room for consultants clinical psychologists who are four in number, they work on part – time basis.

There is a Laboratory adjoining the reception. The laboratory caters for basic investigations including drug screening for patients suspected of substance abuse. More detailed laboratory
investigations are sent to well equipped commercial laboratories. Valley View Clinic provides three nutritious meals daily to all in-patients (Breakfast, Lunch and Super).

Toxicological Screening

  • Cannabis (Wee)
  • Heroin
  • Crack/Cocaine
  • PCP etc.


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Toxicological Screening

Cannabis (Wee)
PCP etc.

Why Choose Us

It is a private and well maintained clinic
The staff are well trained, courteous and client-friendly
Each patient is treated in a unique, empathic and special way because of the training the staff had undergone
A clinic which caters for your physical and psychological needs under the same roof

Contact Details

Telephone: +233 302-764169
Email: info@valleyviewclinic.org

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